7th Generation Family Farm

Farming roots run deep in the history of Barker Beef. Originating with John Walton Barker, born in 1793, who migrated to Kentucky with his father in 1809 establishing his farm “Cloverlands”. Chiles T. Barker, born in 1816, owned Barker’s Mill, located on West Fork Creek near Chapel Hill Church. Chiles also established a farm known as “Glenburnie” in 1847 raising cattle and producing bountiful crops. He purchased additional land and bequeathed 500 acres to each child. Charles Edward Barker established Wheatlands (adjacent to Glenburnie) in 1884. Peter Minor Barker, 9th child of Childs and Mary Louisa Barker, established Laurindale Farm and built the Community House for the use and pleasure of all residents of the area. It was converted to the home of Tommy (son of Barbara Barker and John Couts Askew) and Nancy Askew in 1971 and is still home to many family gatherings. Laurindale Farm adjacent to Barkers Mill was the home of Barbara Barker Askew. Laurindale Farm is the site of the oldest Brick House in Kentucky, built by Mr. Simon French in 1798. It was constructed with wooden pegs and still has the original poplar wood floors cut from trees off the farm. It is registered with the Kentucky Historical Society. Another home on the farm “ The Homeplace” is owned by Dan Askew (Barbara Barker’s grandson) and his children John Walton Askew, Margaret Barker Askew, and Hope Leighton Askew. Dan and John Walton (Walt) Askew are managers of Barker Beef. In keeping with the wonderful heritage provided by their forefathers, all cattle for Barker Beef are raised on the Family Farm.